How a BryteFlow S3 Data Lake overcomes your Data obstacles

of Enterprise Data cannot be accessed by analysts due to infrastructure cost and other platform limitations.*

Storage with a BryteFlow S3 Data Lake is low cost at 1 – 3 cents per GB and highly scalable with server-less architecture.

of analyst time is
wasted on collecting
and preparing data.*

BryteFlow S3 Data Lakes automate near-real time data ingestion and prep

of Enterprise BI platforms struggle with managing bottleneck queries and user workload conflict.*

BryteFlow S3 Data Lakes are built for concurrent multi-user access with zero workload conflict


Build secure Amazon S3 Data Lakes to stay light
years ahead of the competition

BryteFlow S3 Data Ingestion

Ingest data to Amazon S3, EMR or Redshift with just a couple of clicks.

BryteFlow Data Blend

Transform, prepare and organise data in S3 using Bryte’s SQL interface to Hadoop and Spark on Amazon EMR.

Bryte Professional Services

Architecture Design, Implementation and Custom Solutions to build AWS Data Lakes and Analytics Environments.

How a BryteFlow S3 Data Lake stacks up
against the competition

The revolution in Data Lakes is here! The BryteFlow S3 Data Lake does everything that other Data Lakes only dream of doing. And then some. Book a Technical Consultation to learn more

Features BryteFlow Amazon S3 Data Lakes Hadoop / Map Reduce Environments Enterprise Data Warehouses
Storage at just 1 – 3 Cents per GB
Independent Storage and Compute
Serverless Rapid Scale Design
Automated & Codeless Setup
Concurrency at Zero Workload Conflict
Hadoop & Spark Compute
Relational DW Compute (Spectrum)

Real EASY Data Management

  • Continuous Real Time Data Sync
  • Click-to-replicate user interface
  • Automated Integration & Data Type Mapping
  • Automated Schema Build
  • Codeless Development Environment

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