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Using BryteFlow software and Bryte professional services Abacus International improves their business intelligence and analytics capabilities to understand travel patterns and customer buying behaviour.

Abacus International is the leading provider of Global Distribution Systems to the travel industry in Asia Pacific, serving over 100,000 travel agents across 59 markets They process more than 1.1 trillion transactions each year so they have large volumes of data that can be explored to uncover business insights.

Abacus International business wanted to improve their business intelligence and analytics capabilities to understand travel patterns and customer buying behaviour using a multitude of data sources like online ticket sales and passenger itinerary data.

Their challenge was that the current on-premise infrastructure was difficult to scale up and struggled to keep up with growing data volumes. They had to process more than 1.3 trillion transactions each year and the volumes were growing rapidly.

Because of the amount of data they had in different sources and structures, it also took a long time for their existing on-premise databases to process the data and deliver the required business reports.

We worked with Abacus to use Amazon Redshift for one of their markets in Asia Pacific (Korea) as a test case to look at performance and scalability benefits.

We set up an automated process using Bryte CDC software to sync their Korean market data from the existing on-premise Oracle Database with Amazon Redshift. This enabled new data to be available in Redshift near real time.

Our team then used ELT processing to integrate their data in Amazon Redshift so that it could be processed as fast as possible. Then, our team conducted Redshift performance monitoring and optimization to deliver the following results.


  • Immediately after moving the data to Redshift, there was at least a 2x performance improvement on the same reports. For example, a report that used to take 45 minutes to build before, could now be built in under 20 minutes.
  • Through ETL processing and data modelling in Redshift, we further reduced the processing time by at-least 5-10 times. The same report that took 20 minutes to build in Redshift was built in under 2 minutes after using Bryte ETL software and doing Redshift optimisation/tuning to perform tasks in Redshift as efficiently as possible. Other reports that used to take hours to run, were now built in under 15 minutes.
  • The client has decided to use Amazon Redshift for the current use case for the Korean market and are now in the process of forming plans to expand the deployment across other Asia Pacific & eventually global markets. Impressed with AWS performance in general, they are also looking at putting a lot more of their standard infrastructure on AWS using RDS databases and EC2 servers.

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