BryteFlow ETL for Amazon S3 Data Lakes

Do great things with data using BryteFlow ETL to build your Amazon S3 Data Lake

Using BryteFlow ETL for S3 is the fastest way to load, access and analyze your SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, SQL Server and other complex Enterprise data sets – powered by AWS S3 and  Big Data Infrastructure. 


BryteFlow Automates:

  • Real Time S3 Data Sync for transactional systems like Oracle and Sql Server
  • Real Time S3 Data Sync for applications like Salesforce
  • Transactional Record Insert, Update and Delete management in S3
  • Data Encryption, Masking and Tokenization 
  • Amazon S3 ETL, Data Prep and Transformations 

We are proud to be one of the few companies in the world who are Amazon Advanced Technology Partners with Big Data Competency.

Easily Connect, Load and Sync multiple Data Sources with Amazon  S3

Real time Data Ingestion from multiple Databases, Applications and Files to Amazon S3, EMR or Redshift
Parallel Loading & Multi-Threading for Large Data Volumes
Automated Integration into Amazon S3 File Formats, Buckets and Folders
Optional Amazon Redshift sync, or scheduled export 
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“One of the first Big Data Partners in Australia, Bryte has continued to pioneer, innovate, re-invent and push the boundaries with Cloud Data Management for large enterprises. In 2015, Bryte was the first Australian company to be awarded AWS Advanced Partner with Big Data Competency, recognising continued excellence and successful client results.” – Kevin Andrews –  Technology Partner Manager – Amazon Web Services

Sync data from multiple enterprise systems and transform raw data into useful models

BryteFlow automatically loads and syncs data from multiple enterprise source systems like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and Sql Server to Amazon S3. Once raw data has been ingested into Amazon S3, our software then enables users to transform raw data into useful models using a click based SQL interface, which automatically converts traditional SQL into powerful and scalable Amazon EMR Hadoop and Spark jobs.

Flexibility in storing and accessing data

Users can choose to either access data directly from their Amazon S3 object storage, or load the data into a traditional relational database like Amazon Redshift or RDS for downstream data analytics, visualization and consumption.

Technical Architecture

BryteFlow Oracle and SQL Server connectors for S3 

  • Minimal Operational Impact on your Oracle or SQL server data Sources with Log Based Change Data Capture (CDC) and options for Downstream Log Mining
  • Extract and load Terabytes of Oracle or SQL server Data with Zero operational impact using BryteFlow’s log switch functionality
  • Support for both SQL Server Standard and Enterprise Edition data loading / sync
  • Options to stream Database Changes and transactions to Kafka on Amazon Kinesis
  • Support for both Oracle Classic and Integrated capture 
  • Full industry standard Type 2 History to retain all updated and deleted records
  • Zero Footprint approach to eliminate the need to install any agents on source systems
  • Optional feature to Sync selected data, S3 Buckets or Folders with Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse

Maintain Query Ready Tables in Amazon S3

Bryte simplifies Amazon S3 file management and continuously merges new change files to provide a single consolidated file per table at any point in time.

BryteFlow SAP Connector for your S3 Data Lake

Designed for High Throughput and Low Latency, Bryte’s SAP connectors simplify SAP Data Analytics. Access your SAP data in real time from your Amazon S3 Data Lake and easily merge it with other enterprise data assets.
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  • Capture and convert complex SAP formats and structures to easily load your SAP data 
  • Leverage Patented Auto-Partitioning technology to extract large multi-terabyte SAP objects with minimal operational overload and impact.
  • Leverage Built-in Typecast functionality
  • Native support for SAP Change Data Capture

BryteFlow Salesforce Connector for your S3 Data Lake

BryteFlow’s Salesforce Connector makes it easy to stream  and load real time data from Salesforce, run Business Intelligence queries on it and enrich it with other Enterprise Data Assets.

  • Auto-create Salesforce Object Schemas
  • Batch or Real Time data replication
  • Run traditional SQL and BI queries on Salesforce Data
  • Run Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
  • Build rich data models by enriching Salesforce Data with Data from enterprise ERP, HR and Financial systems
  • Maintain every record version and delete to comply with Audit and Regulatory requirements

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Transform and Prepare Data with Built-in SQL Editor and ETL for Amazon S3

Transform and prepare data using SQL on Amazon S3. Bryte provides an intuitive SQL on the Amazon S3 user interface to build data models without the need to move data into a relational database or data warehouse.
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  • Convert your SQL into highly scalable SPARK jobs in Amazon EMR, then load the results and persist data back into Amazon S3.
  • Truly separate Storage & Compute costs
  • Leverage Amazon S3 for low cost storage
  • Use Amazon EMR to pay for the computational infrastructure only WHEN it is required
  • Shut down processing clusters when there are NO jobs running

Easily Create and Schedule Amazon S3 Jobs

Choose Amazon S3 Output File Format

  • Easily organize Data into Multiple Amazon S3 folders
  • Manage multiple levels of Data Maturity from Raw Data to Complex Data Marts

Our customers love us!

“By leveraging the considerable knowledge base and experience of the Bryte team, we have achieved in 3 months what we didn’t believe we would achieve within the first year of our existence within Vocus Group.”
– Hamish Morgan – General Manager –
Analytics – Vocus Communications

“Bryte has a tight integration with Amazon Web Services, which is critical to our business. The team has been very responsive to our questions and eager to resolve any issues that arise.”
– Jay DeFoore – CRM Marketing Manager –
Under Armour

“Using Bryte freed up our development resources to focus on analytics. Support from Bryte has been outstanding.The product has performed well and has enabled us to focus on delivering better analytics to our stakeholders.”
– Mike Hight – Enterprise Data Architect –

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