Oracle GoldenGate Alternative

Enterprise Grade Data Replication for Oracle GoldenGate Use Cases

BryteFlow for Oracle enables organisations to leverage a truly cost effective Oracle GoldenGate alternative to enable high performance data transfer and real-time information access

  • Smarter alternative to Oracle GoldenGate
  • Upto 4 times faster Log Read & Analyse Performance
  • No Scripting, minimal startup effort
  • Continuous Data Replication with Real time sync
  • Automatically Retain Type 2 History
  • Enterprise Grade Security with Advanced Encryption options to protect your most sensitive data
  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Zero Footprint Architecture for lowest possible impact on source systems
  • Click based user interface to eliminate the need to write any code or scripts
  • Automated Integration and Target Schema Build

BryteFlow software enables organisations to easily replicate data and incremental changes with guaranteed data delivery and accuracy. Our licensing model is uniquely cost effective, scalable and simple with unlimited cores, unlimited database schemas, unlimited data volumes & unlimited users at a fixed low cost license fee.

Key Applications
  • Real time CDC data transfer and integration between Oracle and Non-Oracle Databases
  • Online Redo-Log or Transaction-Log based change capture (Including both ‘Classic Capture’ and ‘Integrated Capture’)
  • Oracle 12c Replication with Oracle Integrated Capture & Oracle Log Mining
  • Full Initial Extracts & Ingest
  • Special support for large Oracle tables
Real-time Data Sync

BryteFlow uses the industry leading log based change data capture (CDC) technology to continuously detect and load incremental changes with minimal impact on source systems. Supported sources for log based sync include SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.

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User-friendly, simple GUI

BryteFlow has the most intuitive, user-friendly interface. In just a couple of clicks you can load, transfer and replicate data to almost any platform. No coding or scripting needed!


BryteFlow software supports a diverse range of use cases including:
  • Oracle to Oracle
  • Oracle to Exadata
  • Oracle to SQL Server
  • Oracle to Amazon S3
  • Oracle to Amazon Redshift
  • Oracle on-premise to Oracle RDS
  • Oracle to Azure SQL DB
  • Oracle to Azure SQL DW
  • Oracle to SQL Server PDW


Key Features
Real-time Sync

Continuously load data to destination with minimal impact on source systems.

Advanced Security

BryteFlow provides the ability to install Bryte on-premise, provide additional layers of encryption or automatically mask sensitive data.

Cost-effective Licensing Model

Bryte provides fixed price licenses that include unlimited data volumes and processing power

Simple interface – no coding needed

Easy to use click-based user interface delivers a codeless development environment.

Low impact

Zero Footprint Architecture with no need to install any software or agents on source systems or Microsoft PDW.

High performance, Cloud friendly

Best in class data transfer speeds along with advanced monitoring and guaranteed delivery

Bryte is an Accredited Solution Provider for: