Harness the power of Data Lakes

Harness the power of Data Lakes

Get an enterprise-wide repository to store every type of data collected in a single place, and make it easily accessible to serve multiple users, applications, platforms and analytics use cases. See for yourself – Book a free consultation today!

I have a Data Warehouse, do I still need a Data Lake?
Data Lakes can be a valuable addition to an existing Enterprise Data Warehouse as they enable clients to de-couple storage / compute resources and enable clients to access all raw enterprise data from a single repository.  
Bryte works with Amazon Web Services to leverage a diverse range of specialist technologies which are combined to build cost effective, scalable and high performance Data Lakes.
  • Work with ANY Data
    Process, standardize and store ANY Type of Data in its raw format.
  • No need to worry about Structure or Schema
    The data structures and requirements of data in a Data Lake do not need to be defined until the data is needed.
  • Use Decoupled Architectures & Separate Storage/Compute
    An efficient Data Lake design seeks to decouple storage and compute so the right analytics tools can be used and paid for on a needs basis.
  • Build for Innovation and Experimentation
    Users can get fast access to data they require, to encourage innovation, experimentation and accelerated time to insight.
  • Integrate with multiple Analytical Platforms
    Data lakes should ideally be deployed in a healthy and complete technology ecosystem that enables users to turn Data from the lake into valuable insights.

We are proud to be one of the very few companies in the world who are Amazon Advanced Technology Partners with Big Data Competency.

Key Features
Ingest ANY data

Process, standardise and store ANY Data in its raw format irrespective of origin, structure or format.

Common Data Store

Consolidate all Enterprise Data in a single place across a common format with guaranteed 99.999999999% Data Durability.

Low Cost (~1-3 Cents / GB)

Store and Manage all your data from just 1-3 cents per GB per month. Economically scale to Terabytes or Petabytes.

Decoupled Storage and Compute

Independently scale storage and compute resources by using decoupled architectures. Pay for what you use when you use it.

Real Time Data Delivery

Continuously access and sync data from multiple sources so downstream users and applications have access to current data.

Rapid Time to Insight

Use the highest performance tools for the job to generate near-real time insights – including Hadoop distributions, MPP Data Warehouses and more.

Complete Metadata Management

Automated metadata extraction, capture, and tracking with high performance indexes to enable rapid lookups. Categorise, govern and manage with ease.

Automated Encryption

Encrypt all data in transit and rest with SSL endpoints, Server Side / Client Side Encryption and automated Key Management Services.

Enterprise Grade IAM

Build granular IAM policies with ease through multiple Access control lists and Query string authentication. Mask sensitive data and define granular IAM policies with ease.

Click to Mask

Mask all sensitive data with just a few clicks or use Tokenisation to manage access/visibility.

Multi-Platform Integration

Integrate with all common Data Processing and Analysis technologies including a diverse spectrum of Hadoop Distributions.

Versioning / Lifecycle Policies

Simple retrieval of deleted objects and roll back to previous versions. Automated lifecycle policies to transition from Active Data use to mid-term store through to eventual Archiving or expiration.

Technical Ecosystem

Bryte is a certified AWS Big Data Partner with depth of expertise across a broad range of technologies and platforms including Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift and Hadoop on Amazon EMR.


Our Approach

Our team applies a flexible and modular approach. This involves starting with the most important business use cases – and then matching them with relevant data and technology platforms

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